The third series of Untold History is currently being filmed for History Hit TV.  James presents five newly commissioned episodes which explore the secret history of Second World War occupation in Europe. The series will be broadcast on Dan Snow's History Hit TV in Autumn 2021.

James worked as an expert historical consultant to the new History Channel series 'Secret Skirmishes'. He also appeared in many of the series episodes as an expert on the history of weapons and war. The show was broadcast in the summer/autumn 2020.

James explains to Dan Snow for History Hit TV how we can draw parallels between the current COVID-19 pandemic and the Second World War, particularly in how humans have responded to an extraordinary challenge.

James acted as a consultant on drones and terrorism to Windfall Productions on this program and he appears as a drone expert alongside the explorer/presenter Aldo Kane. The documentary was broadcast in the fall of 2019.


War historian, writer, and broadcaster, James Rogers, presents this History Hit show about the most catastrophic wars in modern history. From the Seven Years War and the World Wars, to the Cold War and the War on Terror, this podcast opens up fascinating new perspectives on how conflict has shaped and changed our world. Each week, twice a week, James teams up with fellow historians, veterans, and experts to reveal astonishing new histories of ferocious global warfare, bloody revolutions, and violent ideological battles. Join us on the front line of military history.

James regularly appears on Dan Snows's History Hit. Episodes include 'The History of Drones', 'The History of Cluster Bombs',  and 'Untold Histories of War'.

James talks to the veteran broadcaster Phillip Adams about the rise of swarming drones and the changing character of modern warfare.


James appeared as a talking head on Viral Histories TV. James was interviewed by the award winning film maker Paul Bradshaw about his work on the history of American warfare. The episode was filmed on location at RAF Elvington in Yorkshire.

James's latest article for BBC History Magazine explores the most important weapons in the history of warfare. By placing long-range weapons, and the ambition to kill at an ever greater distance, into their historical context, James raises some disturbing points about the ambition of humanity and the way in which humans choose to kill.

Drone technologies are spreading fast! In this TedX talk Dr James Rogers, an expert on drone warfare, argues that anyone can now turn an off the shelf quadcopter into an airborne IED.


James takes the reader on a journey through the history of weapons, warfare, and humanity itself. This fascinating article argues that human have a fascination with killing in new, improved, and disturbingly distant ways.

In this article for History Today, the historian James Rogers explores the history of drone warfare and argues that there is nothing new about uncrewed aircraft.


From medieval times to the modern day, young children have been put to tragic use in warfare. James Rogers and Emma Butcher tell their story.