States have long tried to avoid the agony of war.


Yet, drones, it is argued, offer the perfect way to execute ‘risk’ free war. To keep soldiers off the battlefield, but still prevail, has been a dream of strategic planners. Drones allow enemies to be targeted and killed without risk: they are precise weapons which do not inflict collateral damage. Such are the claims.


This book examines these claims. The authors tell the drone story from its origins in the First World War, through to our own times.


Drone use in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan provide a compelling account of how drones deliver death from above. This book, however, contains a stark warning about a changing world: drones are not simply Western weapons:  autocrats, terrorists, and criminals now possess drones. Future battlespaces may be in the deserts and cities of the Middle East, Asia, and North Africa but our crowded cities, airports, communities, and troops deployed in distant theatres will be targets of enemy drones. ‘Risks’ have returned.

© 2020 by James Rogers